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contactless business card

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The way our cards work is very simple: they are compatible with all devices. By holding your card up to a phone with NFC functionality, the person will instantly be able to see your business card on their screen. No more paper cards that take up space and degrade over time, with our solution you can centralize everything on a single card. Your client does not have a smartphone that reads NFC cards? Don't panic, we have also provided a QR code.

Thanks to this card, you can easily share your email, your telephone number, your address, your website or even your social networks with just one click. Your contacts can also save your information directly to their phonebook. Just follow the instructions on your mobile screen to use our intuitive and easy-to-use card. No need to download an application, our solution is compatible with all devices.

Plus, switching to our solution allows you to join the sustainable revolution. Did you know that 60 million business cards are printed every day, the equivalent of cutting down 2,400 trees a day? This generates an emission of 746,594 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere each year. By opting for our digital card, you reduce your carbon footprint and do something for the environment while modernizing your business. Join us on MTACARTE.FR to make your business communication more sustainable and digital.