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Our Card requires a Google account to be used, however the majority of users already have an account. If the customer's smartphone does not have NFC technology

Your card works with smartphones with NFC technology, which is present on most iPhones and 90% of Android mobiles.

For the remaining 10%, customers can simply use their camera to scan the QR code.

Of course, it is impossible to guarantee that the reviews will be positive. The goal is not to generate fake reviews, but rather to collect genuine reviews. It also provides an opportunity to respond to customer reviews to try to convince them to change their mind. About 80% of consumers say they are willing to leave a positive review if their negative experience is turned into a positive one.

It is very simple. Simply place an order on the site by confirming your Google My Business listing. We set up the card, print the QR code, ship the card and you're done!

Don't worry, we can disable it remotely.

No not at all. The payment is unique and the card belongs to you for life. There is no subscription or additional costs. You place an order, it is delivered and the process ends. However, we are always available to help you if needed.

Yes, it is even recommended, especially if several members of your team are in contact with customers. The more contact points there are, the more opinions will be collected.

24 hours

This is the time it takes us to create your card

Delivery between 2 and 10 days

We can deliver to you all over the world


Your card is ready to use upon receipt